Welcome to SSWiS Registration

Thank you for serving as a UNC School of Social Work (SSW) Field Instructor or Task Supervisor. This registration form serves three purposes:

  • Security: It adds an essential layer of security to SSWiS (SSW Information System), to better protect both your own and your student's information. This includes both information that confirms your identity and information that helps us to contact you in the case of an emergency.
  • Efficacy: It helps us better match you to the available pool of students.
  • Equity: It enables us to better assess the School's success in attracting and retaining field instructors and task supervisors who demographically represent the social work profession.

Below, the required fields are your username, preferred name, email address, date of birth and password.

The optional fields are gender, race/ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Students will have access to your name and email address only. UNC SSW Field Education faculty and SSWiS administrators will have access to all data.

If you require additional information, contact
your School of Social Work Field Faculty member or
SSWiS technical support at sswis_mis@unc.edu.

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For more information, please review UNC's password requirements.